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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

QRSS Beacon Controller

As about to have a go at 137Khz qrp going to build a QRSS beacon controller.

The Freakin' Beacon is of interest and as I have the 16F628 and all the components going to put one together.

The site with code, schematic etc is here:

There is a nice program that will allow the updating of messages here:

I like to homebrew things and have a nice tin with slightly different dimensions to the original so have crafted a PCB mask using Express PCB and will etch a little later. Note the TO92 components are not necessarily the correct way around but then I don't use the silk screen anyway!

Please buy the kit from them, I will not share the Express PCB layouts without permission.

My layout purely for interest is here:

Final construction pictures will appear here:

In use with TX will appear here: