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Wednesday 29 May 2013

Summer 2013 IOTA trip to EU-037

I should be on EU-037 during last two weeks of June.

I'll be there under invitation from Johnny SM7UCZ and a local Amateur Radio Club on their field day that runs over the longest day (21st June).

At some point between the BBQ, aquavit, a 40m RX buildathon in the campsite, a campsite only qso party and other home brew discussions I should be on the air.

Dayton silly hat

Metro Friday May 17 2013

I tore out a page from Metro last week, which is a freebee newspaper you pick up on the tube as I commute to work, and it contained this photo...

Brilliant.... I wonder if I can find more details.

Or this one...

Could that be a very young SWL in the making?

Tuesday 28 May 2013


The TFTA PCB from Gleg (VK3CG) just arrived.

I bought one of these displays from fleabay:

I note that many of the parts for the project can be obtained from Farnell, Mouser or Digikey (with a few also from UtSource if any seems unavailable). Also I note that kits for them from the original source might not be available any more... to that end I might be able to create some kits for others for guaranteed buyers (who will preferably prepay) then do a one time run of kits.

472KHz Transverter

After a few email exchanges Graham VK3XDK sent me a PCB from one of his transverters. I'll put this together over the next week and will test this at the w/e.

Photos to follow...

Monday 13 May 2013

Bought a K2

After building a few for others time I kept one for myself :-) This one already built a while ago...

Not this one although SOTA might be fun... joking!

It will be a 'spare' for DX trips as seems quite a few DX ops like the option of the K2 and it will make a useful multiplier rig or a monitor for other bands.

I will also be building a separate PSU, ATU and a PA into a second EC2 enclosure along with another (no not the KPA100, KAT100 but our own derivatives).