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Wednesday 24 June 2009

80m Rig by KD1JV

Another rig going to build.

Original is here

The mask is printed and will be etched....

As build progressed more will be posted here.

ATS-3 Kit unmade available

I bought a couple early ATS-3 and an ATS-3B kit, from Steve Weber (KD1JV) I built both rigs but I also have one complete kit for the early ATS-3 still unmade, it might be an ATS-3 or an ATS-3A I will need to check. Don't know if there much call or enquiry for a kit or if anyone is looking for one unmade?

Finding out exactly what I paid for it but would have also paid shipping and customs (VAT and handling at least) from UK-US too, I expect. I would expect sell at cost. Will hold onto it otherwise.

Will post on ATS group too...


Having built a couple of Steve's rigs when I saw this I though I had to have a go.

The initial ADC-40 needed some extra filtering due to problems with SWBC but the updates were done and Steve just emailed me about it. I have just printed off the PCB mask and will have a go at building this. The picture is a little blury but the sheet is fine (Steve includes a PDF on his page for you to create your own PCB).

The design is here:

Windows 7 on eeePC Part II

Ok first things first tested this on an old Advent 7062 laptop.

This is 2GB RAM and Pentium 4 CPU @ 3GHz but with just a 12GB disk. (I do not intend storing large files on the system)

The start to login was just over a minute and to login 26 seconds.



I then fired up beta 5 of HRD (thanks Simon) and DM780 and here it is with a recording of PSK activity on 20m. Think that is G3ZNR CQ'ing in there....

I ran FREE AVG 8.5 as the anti virus. Note immediately post installation I had to add a couple of drivers to the install, SIS900 network card and AC97 sound card (it used XP drivers fine).

I added a few other things. CWGET, MiniVNA, copy of USB OScilloscope software, PIC and AVR software, Open Office 3.1 ...

For me that tests the initial setup of Windows 7 for Ham Radio

Now to repeat (again and document!) the exercise on the eeePC 4G 701

Wednesday 17 June 2009

Windows 7 on eeePC

OK read here what Microsoft says on the download page:

And read the installation instructions:

The free windows 7 release client will be available until at least the end of July 2009 and they are not limiting the number of product keys, so there is plenty of time to download it. ADVICE GET A SPARE KEY NOW!!! But as everyone including Microsoft advise watch the dates. It will expire on June 1, 2010. Starting on March 1, 2010, your PC will begin shutting down every two hours. By then the full version will have come out you can buy it or just move onto something else.

When you download you need a windows live id (mine is linked with my hotmail account.)

I have done the install to my Asus eeePC (4G model) details below....

Then I'll be installing all the usual Ham Radio goodies (HRD, CW skimmer, CWGet, WinTest etc..)

Read this for the howto....
Especially note the details on the link to here

For 900/901 and above this method is probably better:

One thing I found the 512MB RAM module 701 eeePC comes with needs to be in place for the install, so keep it in place or put it back before you consider upgrading to more memory otherwsie the pagefile and hybernation files are created too big.

Mine seems to run all the usual ham radio goodies fine and HRD defintely works.

Now trying to get mine running off a 32GB SDHC card instead.

Monday 15 June 2009

RSGB IOTA contest

Last w/e July.

Here are a few snaps from previous years:

With Clive (M5CHH) operating from my QTH EU005

On the shores of Rhine in HB9

With Clive (M5CHH) operating from my QTH EU005

With Clive (M5CHH) and John (G3RXA) operating from St Agnes (furthest populated point west in UK) EU011