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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

ATS-3 Kit unmade available

I bought a couple early ATS-3 and an ATS-3B kit, from Steve Weber (KD1JV) I built both rigs but I also have one complete kit for the early ATS-3 still unmade, it might be an ATS-3 or an ATS-3A I will need to check. Don't know if there much call or enquiry for a kit or if anyone is looking for one unmade?

Finding out exactly what I paid for it but would have also paid shipping and customs (VAT and handling at least) from UK-US too, I expect. I would expect sell at cost. Will hold onto it otherwise.

Will post on ATS group too...


Anonymous said...

Are you still interested in selling this kit?

de AI5EE Dave

M1KTA said...

Yes, sent you an email. 72 Dom M1KTA