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Wednesday 30 July 2014

SM7/M1KTA/P LoTW logs uploaded

Both in and outside of the RSGB IOTA contest.
Feedback on upload for SM7/M1KTA/P
Dear SM7/M1KTA/P, Congratulations - your ADIF file has been imported without warnings. A total of 297 new QSOs have been uploaded. * Software: WIN-TEST * File name: RSGB-IOTA-MIXED_2014_STN1@SM7_M1KTA_P.ADI (55.97 KB) * New QSOs: 297 You can disable these emails from the Settings page if you pr…
Feedback on upload for SM7/M1KTA/P
Dear SM7/M1KTA/P, Congratulations - your ADIF file has been imported without warnings. A total of 91 new QSOs have been uploaded. * Software: WIN-TEST * File name: DXPED-HF-ALL_2014_STN1@SM7_M1KTA_P.ADI (12.5 KB) * New QSOs: 91 You can disable these emails from the Settings page if you prefer. …

I have another paper log to add at some point.

LoTW cert just came back for SM7/M1KTA/P

I'll be uploading the LoTW qso for SM7/M1KTA/P later today.

I just setup OQRS (QSL request) on clublog too and you can search the log here (when I've uploaded it).

You an send me a QSL direct or via buro in normal way too.

Tuesday 29 July 2014

Garpen some photos

Some extra photos from Garpen EU037

Simple setup

Photo only shows two but had lots of visitors

Working the WARC bands on the last night.

SM7/M1KTA/P LoTW request made

So those if you that want to know when LoTW will be available ...

Started processing your Additional Certificate Request.
        For call sign: SM7/M1KTA/P
      For DXCC Entity: SWEDEN (284)
  For QSOs not before: 2014-07-25 00:00:00
   For QSOs not after: 2014-07-28 23:59:59
Your additional certificate request, plus your existing certificates and/or other pending requests, exceeds the limit.
Your request will be reviewed by Logbook of the World staff and you may be contacted prior to the granting of your certificate.
  Your certificate request processing is completed.

Monday 28 July 2014

EU037 Garpen Videos

These are 100mb files so be careful if on a slow network!!!



SM7/M1KTA/P EU037 QRT now

Put about 600 qso in the log which was a bit of a record for me over a w/e (Friday night, Sat, Sun and Monday an hour, with sleep breaks in between).

These were my hosts:



Couple of videos of the island:

Next post has the next video, taking an age to upload on the train to Copenhagen.

 The ground is hard rock with in places a rock/old brick and sand covering. METAL ground screws work. Guys can be attached to random large boulders on the island fine.

Saturday 26 July 2014

KX3 RF connector broken

The little lead from the BNC connector that goes to the internal ATU or RF board has fractured.... The signals were dropping in and out... good job had the 'spare' kx3 as swapped it out.

As got going again I took the cover of the old and had a look... nothing obvious.... but the lead that way too flexible at the centre pin shrink wrap.

Quick check with DVM and as suspected the only thing holding it in place was the shrink wrap. The BNC is a non rotating one but after all the /P trips and constant attach and detach of antennas obviously had an effect. Will fix if need to or when get home.

Horrid blurred photo but it's this one.

Some antennas... and one of SotaBeams Wirewinders

Now got the antennas all up.

 Had to put up the Union flag on the 10/12/25/17/20

Light house, 80m dipole (I can use almost vertical down too and bottom feed so it is a 1/2 wave 80m vertical ;-) The other is the 30/40 vertical.

The ground is sand on rock and dry so not strength so have to support with something else.

sotabeams wire winder at the 30/40 GP feed point

garpen EU037 sm7/m1kta/p webcam

select the link and hit refresh.

The image is taken every few seconds.


Photos from SM7UCZ... this was yesterday. Just arrived from UK via Copenhagen:  Travel was car, plane, train, car, boat and then on foot.

 Note that essential bit of DX kit.... a beer!

Does it work?

Yes... first qso in log G6TUH in East Sussex 15:07 14.285 rst 55... now off to get food!

DXpedition KX3 heatsink

Doesn't have to cost a lot.

This is a strip of heatsink tape (sticky both sides) and a random heatsink from home....

KX3 running much cooler.... been up and working non-stop for about 5 hours so far and was getting warm in the sun coming through hut window.... screened now.

On webcam from EU037!

Will post link when have it. this is the island I am on.


Managed to get 10/12/15/17/20 vertical dipoile and 80m dipole up after arrived on the island and was active on ssb and cw until midnight.

Destination from mainland

qrp dxpedition travelling light :-)
 First few hours. RBN getting out.

This is how I have internet on the lighthouse. WIFI link. It is actually for the weather station.... it has to be reset every now and then.
 Look down from the op of the lighthouse (I hate heights!) You can see the shack the vertical dipoles behind. I will have another vertical and a 6m antenna going up soon. The green diagonal is the

Tuesday 22 July 2014

QSL card for all the short /P trips all over EU

Got a pile of qsl requests from half a dozen different DXCC, IOTA etc and thought better sort out a generic card... it isn't for M1KTA this will be for EU operations /m1kta/p etc...

Anyway Gennady UX5UO has come through for me and I will now have these in a few weeks.

The details DXCC/IOTA etc will ALL be hand written in, probably be with a 'Sharpie' pen.

So anyone 'missing' a card recently that requested one you should expect one of these through the buro.

The rear will be blank so if there are any notes I will add them there.

Sunday 20 July 2014

EU-037 Garpen... weather looks good and final antenna choice

Fri, Sat dry sunny, bit windy late on Sat night time low 14'C high 27'C
(Going to feel hot in the shack)

Sun overcast, windy with shower later 20'C high by Noon, Afternoon bit warmer 23'C and showers. Evening expect Thunderstorms.
Monday wet, windy and thunderstorms in early hours 20'C

So putting up antennas should be OK, might have to break down quickly Sunday/Monday.

Must guy or else Sat Night Sunday morning may have issues, expected constant 20-25Km/H and gusts of 35km/H to NE. So if place antennas near water on North of island guys MUST be arranged to the south west  at least. New poles in SM already 28mm diameter at 7 AGL.

If am operational quickly on Friday night should have good chance of greyline operating some DX  through until after sunset and again at sun up (Sun Down abt 21:20 local, Sun up abt 04:50 local) JA and Oceania I will listen for you on 15m especially during grey line opening, I expect you will need to be looking over the pole for SP!

I will have a 2 element vertical antenna on 6m and if open after contest might be interesting.

Laptop will have 3G internet and should have email.

Final choice for antennas will be:
10/12/15/17/20 vertical dipoles all share a common feed point.
30/40 GP
60/80m dipole
Buddipole, backup and special conditions (6m).

160m operating depends on conditions.

Bags packed and repacked and weight is inside the limit.

Tuesday 15 July 2014

Antenna feeder spacers

Interesting purchase handed to me yesterday.

The shop "The Works" have a load of crafty stuff in it. One is a wooden sticks and poles set.

Not sure will use all the parts but there are some in it that will make interesting antenna feeder spacers or some other interesting antenna something.... I have an idea for use in a possible vertical or as fan dipole wire spacers (I'm going to test this anyway).

99p each.... seems cheap.

Lightening Strike

These were from a local. G1SAA

the first picture shows a leader coming up from the ground to the tower and the second a bolt coming down to meet it .
Note these were taken from a house upper floor so there was a roof and chimney above the height of the mast and there are trees nearby. The tower is down... but still a strike.

Monday 14 July 2014

Wells-Next-the-Sea Beach

Last weekend 5th/6th July went up to Wells-Next-the-Sea and operated from the beach.

 One day I will actually rent one of these. During the floods in December the storm surge was ABOVE the roof level for about 3 hours. High water mark is usually about where the date time tag is on the photo.

 Walk on the beach first!
 Arty short
 It's summer in the UK... it rains

 Soggy wet, trousers still stuck to the legs... putting up the antenna... high water is about 25feet to my left and it is shallow sand. Dig down a bit and there is salty water.
 Post operating walking on the busy beach.

Notable SSB contacts were Rolf OH6TS, G0RUD/M who was driving down the south coast at the time, Bern OZ/DF9GU who was qrp as well.