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Tuesday 14 September 2010

Another K1 Build - this one will be mine this time.

Various shots going through the RF Part I build.

The Front panel and filter board already built.

The extensive home brew bench.

Sunday 12 September 2010

FtTuthill80 Build

Kits components as sent.

Following the pdf instructions of Dan Tayloe, N7VE

These are the build images from the kit I just started to build.
Up to the power test (used a 9V battery) and the blue LED lighting.

Blue LED


Sorting the 0.1uF caps

0.1uF caps

More caps

And more



More resistors

More resistors

Applying 9V.

The LED lights blue.

Elecraft T1

Was recently given an Elecraft T1 auto tuner kit and as now working in Belgium thought I'd make it up. First started in hotel room.


The portable 'homebrew' bench is perfectly adequate. Note I have brought a 12" square of PCB to build on.

Initial components going in.
Relays fitted.
Fitted the underside capacitor.
Fitted the sockets and headers.
Built up the control interface.
First fitting. Looks good so far however, visual check of all the components against the build list and couldn't work out why had extra FT37-43 torroid. Then remembered there is an errata...

Oops... errata clearly state use 2 FT37-43 cores for T2 not 1.
No harm done, removed T2 and added the new T2 fitted easily.

Removed the PIC, added battery, checked the voltage through the 2N3906 when tune/pwr switch depressed and onto the regulator says 6V.

Added PIC and tested the power on, seems to be fine. Will test again once have working TX with me in Belgium.