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Tuesday 11 April 2017

23cm transverter part I

Poor pictures but EME166 sequencer built (no photo)

Butler oscillator and 60'C heater. 576 MHz.

It will go in a Hammond 1590 dicast box padded with white polystyrene foam.
I'll align using an RTL SDR in the first instance, I also have a 100MHz to 1GHz noise source to box up will do at same time.

E51KTA QSL arrived so will start to go out this w/e

Big box arrived so will start to go out this w/e. Those who sent donations first, then directs then those I have OQRS BURO for. The twitter ones for camb-hams I'll take to next pye and pint.

Note I will NOT 100% QSL regardless and will only send a card when asked for it. Best way through BURO is send me a card. OQRS for directs or send me a direct request (with your card too please!). Otherwise you'll find electronic confirmation is it clublog or LoTW, I don't do eQSL don't even ask will not bother.

Monday 10 April 2017

The dBM ladder

Lots of talk about output power levels and interference and filtering... so graphically what does this all look like.

The reason is investigating filtering and stubs for use in DX location when two stations are operating.

Sunday 2 April 2017


FT817 2nd time...

Old unit is duff but saved for parts etc... PA module still fine as are the rest of the bits.

After a PSU went high a few years back finally found a decent (cheap) 2nd hand FT817 unit.
Transfered the 500Hz cw filter and TXCO-9 module easily...

I bought the TXCO-9 for a fraction of the cost of the 'official' unit from AliExpress I just looked prices are even lower now... $16 not $21 which was what I paid originally. Works fine.

I'll use this for satellite working and as a uWave transverter.