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Friday, 10 October 2008


Finally made it into Cambridge this morning so visted the Royal Mail collection depot as I have had an item that came through customs to pay for and collect what on earth is it?

Ah the Norcal 2030 partial kit ordered a while ago.

So as I am sure everyone knows this rig is 20m or 30m and mostly surface mount components with a few through hole. The board is going to be pretty full.

So time to print off the parts list and see what I have missing still.

I know LT samples can be obtained for the LT chips (saves some costs!)

Think a 30m rig might be needed.

Here are some notes on parts:


email exchange I just had:
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From: John ******
Sent: Monday, 27 April, 2009 20:20:01
Subject: NorCal 2030 question
Dominic,I ran across your blog entry about the build of the NorCal 2030 partial kit. I'm trying to get the parts together for the build and was wondering if you could offer some assistance.I can't figure out what type of part to order (from Mouser or DigiKey) for these parts:
1 Power Jack
1 SPST miniture toggle
2 Sub-mini Push button
Would you mind letting me know what you ordered?Also, what are you planning on doing to finish the case on the radio?
Best 73-john W4PAH
Hi John,
Not done much on it since buying the partial kit and filling the component bags ready to build however... V5 of the manual...
1. Power jack. Page 91 shows their leads just coming out of the enclosure. JP2, Is just a set of leads. I use 2.5mm barrel connectors almost across the board for power so will just drill a 8mm hole if not there and fit the jack. I have also seen some use Anderson power poles as a pig tail and even just a grommet and a DC lead...
2. SPST minature toggle and 3. minature push buttons. There are two of each.
2 First is just one off so anything that can handle the current, or don't bother and jumper it and use the dc connector? The other is front panel (first image one labelled SPOT) S1 for RIT/XIT control so could be almost anything. Connections just to left of "N7SE" silk screen bottom left of board top. Page 2 of the schematic top left.
3 are for keyer command (S3) top right and AFA (S2) (just right of centre of board left of IC1) you cannot see the connection on the board photos. Manual Page 46 fig 44. Page 4 of the schematic. Again clearly on front panel, look at manual images.They are push to make, monentary.