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Thursday 2 October 2008

Morse keyboard

Probably about as old a PIC project as is possible to find...

Above is the ExpressPCB layout and mask (superimposed).

Bought a PS2 keyboard from Tesco for £4.88 to replace the one on the desk which will now become this. Will use a 5V regulator 78L05 off a 4 x AA battery pack for power connected to the + and - in the above circuit.

No particular reason for building this one just because it can be built.

Now the really cool thing might be to use the other IO lines in the code with the 16F877A to add rig keying and an LCD display? Port C in the code is already included for an LCD.

Will probably use a DIL socket for the PIC or create a PCB mask with the in circuit programming connections included.

The code is from gcbasic examples:

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