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Tuesday 3 August 2021

What to build with STM32F746G-Disco and SI5351 Board

I had these in the workshop and as not operating right now, thought what could I make with these and a few other RFy things from the 'junk box'.

Well I know  have some SA612 and SMD op amps and lots of SMD discretes so thought might try the EU1KY analyser, after looking at JA versions (but seemed to miss out on the kitting as was sorting Mum's stuff out for Dad).

The STM32F746G-DISCO board in a blister pack, with a H7 version too, has been in the junkbox for a bit.

I bought a couple of the Front end RF PCB a while back for the EU1KY.

I have a few SI5351 modules with 25MHz crystal so might see about just removing the chip from one and adding it to the PCB and reusing some of the SMA connectors and other components.