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Sunday 17 January 2016

K2 last bits, ATU and PA in EC2

The last bits... ATU and 100W PA in EC2

The short ribbon cable needs to be connected between the 100WPA and the ATU to provide the K2 signals but not connected it or tested.

The 100W PA has a lead for AF (as it has the speaker as if in K2 enclosure) so you'll have to work out how to use it or remove it.

Probably safe to assume I have not tested or aligned any of it So go through the manual and run through the checks..

Sunday 10 January 2016

K2 Build part1

This is for someone building this for....

Here is what the internals looks like with the built modules installed.

In order go around clockwise from top right....

1. The mike rework is in place (sticker on the case). This I added as I did not have the mike they said they were using. Remove the side panel on right (one with sticker on) and you will see the jumpers in place.
2.The K2 DSP/realtime clock module. The 3V coin battery was dead so added a new one.
3. The 60 transverter module.
4. The 160m 2nd RX antenna
5. Noise blanker
6. SSB module

You will see the KIO2 board as well, not the speaker has the extra shielding as was to be used with the 100W PA until that was relocated to a second EC2.

Short video showing the KIO2 with a usb to serial interface with a cable I made up and win-test just changing band and mode.

The ATU/100W module in the second part.