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Tuesday 28 June 2016

Hex-Beam videos

I spent a few minutes putting the basic bits of the hex beam up this morning and grabbing a few videos...


On you tube.

Sunday 26 June 2016

DX portable hex beam

I was asked... did I actually have one of these after comments on CDXC... well here you go... grabbed it out of the shack antenna stockpile and put it up. I used a simple garden umbrella stand in the centre of the grass and put it up.

All goes together pretty quick after you have done it a couple of times. I use these little coloured velcro tie wraps (FDIM door prize) for the elements I keep in an airline toiletries bag. The central support base is disconnected and it all fits in a nice bag that Anthony made for me. Loads of space for guys, feeder etc.

The directivity (I posted whilst the camera was pointed out of shot!) did pick me saying it was that way... it is towards you when you can see the yellow element connections to the centra feed point.

I'll not show putting it up as I do not have the space at home (probably do just I use this on trips where not near the sea.) I use a Heavy duty 10m pole from DX wire I did not use the top two sections so the base of the antenna is at about 8.3m.

Never sorted a rotator so it is that copyright "stongarm" one I am afraid.

It is well balanced.... I have but not fitted what are called storm cords that keep the spreaders from folding in during high winds. I'd not have this up that long to be honest.

Saturday 18 June 2016

QRP op following QRO op...

Helped Camb Hams get rid of some long grass from VHF FD site...

Wednesday 15 June 2016


Not remotely radio but probably very topical for some, as an alternative to the vote for none of the above ... maybe too deep a comment but couldn't help noticing this ...

Dog walkers and antennas do not mix!

Just getting some new hi viz wire after a small incident...

At w/e was on a beach minding my own business, loads of space between me the antenna and the next human being.... what could possibly go wrong. Sun had been up for a bit and some activity on the bands even on 17m this morning, getting ready to call it a day. Que arrival on the beach of muppett dog walker .... dog has one of those extended leads, and airhead girlfriend in tow. I can see them walking down the beach and why do they change direction and walk towards me ???

Sadly no matter what you do I am sure whatever you put up will never stop some pratt with his dog who will always trip or tangle in the guys, feeder and wires no mater how deserted a beach it is, they always come and take a look and want to talk about what it is, the fact I have moved away from where anyone would normally walk the dog was obviously not enough of a hint!

"Is that mobile phone mast?"  she asks... so explain no it is for amateur radio... had a qso with EA8 so explain just chatted to someone in Tenerife.... "oh my friend Tracey just went there...", I feel it is time to give up and boy friend obviously wants to walk on (probably thought I was fishing)... oh god why are some people beyond hope!

The inevitable then happens ... dog gets one leg then another caught on a guy (yes i had tied them up but that made no difference), panic ensues, owner doing nothing to help laughs at dogs misfortune and yanks the leash, dog bolts and mast comes down, with dog trailing the wires behind them needless to say radio was not connected but I do have the coax where I sit securely anchored.... Dog comes to an abrupt halt in 50m or so complete with yelps. I go untangle mutt and retrieve my antenna. The pole is a right off. Dog owner then starts  to have a go for hurting their dog... in a dog trap! ggrrr... I hate dog walkers on beaches brainless muppetts!

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Like chasing DX but hate all the DQRM... you must read this

You just have to read this if you like chasing DX and are fed up with DQRM. Perhaps sometime soon you might get asked to help.

Inspiring story and thanks to all involved and thanks for bringing it to our attention Roger (G3SXW)