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Monday 16 September 2019

CNC2418 and TUX

TUX inspecting the led. Got a new switch box for the 12v LED and fan, along with some cable-chains and xyz stops.

What is TUX doing here? Apart from adding quality control, simple really the controller I rewrote with linux code so he is watching for bugs.. 

Tux had been in the shack hibernating amongst the bugs (spiders) but is now ready for more build projects.

EASY-100 PA options

The options for PA are multiple.

I have a couple of these which were said to not work too well but a mod was suggested and a couple in parallel 'should' be enough.

I also have an RF2126 which should be a bit better

and of course the EPAB


My Bodges.

Does it fit (trial)

The SMA are not always exactly straight :-) So GHz RF will have to go around corners.


The in and out will be via 2 N type chassis connectors I have used a couple RG316 pig tails for now.

The lid fits (yes the PA and the 2.4GHz LPF will go in another enclosure.

Thursday 5 September 2019

Brolly antenna for QO-100 RX

Based on idea from

The basic brolly (100%) fibre glass members
The mesh (1mm x 2 mm holes).


I'll update with images when done.