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Friday 28 December 2012

Flying Pig Rig #45 More debugging


Supply 11.90V

U2 Pin 6

DC RX 5.90V DC TX 5.90V
RF RX 247mV RF TX 247mV

Q2 Collector
DC RX 11.64V DC TX 11.64V

Q3 (Junction with R25) Emitter
DC RX 11.90V DC TX 11.89V

Q3 (Junction with C31) Collector
DC RX 12.16V DC TX 1.3mV

Not measured the RF voltages on Q2 and Q3 yet,,,

Wednesday 26 December 2012

Flying Pig Rig #45

OK no RF out... :-(

Done a bit of probing. Going to do some operating using another rig for a bit then will come back to this.

Supply is 10 1.2V NiMH batteries and supply is 11.29V.

At Junction of R12/C14 have nice clean 230mA 7.03070 MHz signal (after turned C26 a bit).

Just to make sure that on key down I get a voltage  to PA... R23/R26 11.15V on key down so the keying voltage is appearing.

Junction of C43/T1 11.05V and drops to 0V on key down

Junction of Q3/C31/T1 11.05V drops to 0V on key down

Q5 and Q6  (BD139)  collector on both 11.25V key up or key down and emitter and base both remain at 0V

U1 Pin 7 11.27V
U2 Pin 8 5.94V
U3 Pin 6 11.22V
U4 Pin 8 5.25V

Monday 24 December 2012

Flying Pig Rig #45 - Completed build (no case yet)

No case yet.

Powered by NiMH 10AA 12.6V

Turns on fine but no 'OO' :-)

Got to run but will come back and trouble shoot.

Doh,,, forgot to plug in battery!

Get the 'OO' big grin...

Flying Pig Rig #45 Build Part2

Got a few minutes so added the toroids, PA and heatsink.

I added the label to the rear of the heatsink.

Got to do some more tasks then will add all the other bits and align.

Sunday 23 December 2012

Flying Pig Rig #45 Build


The parts in plastic bags

All the R installed

The Transformer T2 is really big :-)

T1 and T2 mounted
Capacitors  and IC installed.
All the transistors

Got food now ... will complete rest tomorrow...

Friday 21 December 2012

Flying Pig Rig #'45 arrived...

As I am FP#2233 I will also get involved in trying to contact some other piggies this winter and next year.

Diz FP#1 has come up with a wonderful homebrew rig for all piggies...

There is no tuning... turn it on listen and if you hear anyone it is likely to be another piggie.

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Cumbria DSP

Just set sets to:

G3ROO (Ian got yours ready for your return from ZS)
G7VKQ (2nd set of discretes included)
Alan R ?? No contact
ZL2CCO got a set for you... send me an email please.

Monday 10 December 2012

Cumbria DSP Components

Those who expressed an interest in a component set for Ron (G4GXO) board please get in touch (do not send a comment it will not have your email on it!) the Farnell back order for the 470uF caps has come in and so I have sets ready to post out now.

Saturday 8 December 2012

160m antenna

Asked for some photos...

Looking down the rear garden.

The two lines yellow and white going across the garden are washing lines.

One end (house end) with an insulator.

 The end wire support is off a TV pole on the house so about 20ft agl.

 The wire is almost invisible looking up.

 The two garden supports, centre one and the end (by shack) the long wire is on small string loops.

Tuesday 4 December 2012

on 160m making qso :-)

Finally got the antenna and rig working nicely... cqing on 1.825 and just qso with S51EC and LA7AK.

I am QRP.


I am qrp into a 140ft inverted L abt 25ft AGL.

Sunday 2 December 2012

on 160m again

This time RBN IS picking me up :-)

I am qrp and into a 140 ft long wire and tons of radials!.

Inverted L setup with vertical section about 30 feet and rest going down the garden.

SK3W picked me up in seconds.

CQ'ing 1.822.50 for now... I'll be out every night this week.

Another beach and EU109 again in 2013

Another beach...

Looks like will be able to activate EU109 inner and Outer Farne this summer.