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Saturday 18 January 2020

3D Print Stuff

Finally getting around to updating a few things on Creality Ender 3 printer, so going to donate some of the older bits to update an older K8200.

The older V 1.1.3 motherboard will replace the older board or Arduino & RAMPS board.

Will add raspberry Pi and Octoprint and Octoview to it.

New stepper motors for all the axis and extruders. Will add some stepper dampers as well.

The old bed and thermstor will replace with a new one and add the glass Ender 3 bed I had used.

As using TCM2208 steppers on the Ender 3 so will add the TL smoothers to the K8200 instead which will use the original Ender 3 stepper drivers.

Have a couple 1.75 mm filament extruders and a dual head so will make it dual filament, PVA for one. The 3mm (2.85mm) extruder and original nozzle will be put to one side.

Spare BLT V2 so will add auto bed leveling.

Meanwell 24V PSU

Will add LED strip (separate 12V 3A supply).

This will then be used to create test enclosures.