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Monday 28 September 2009


Dan Reynolds KB9JLO was looking for some MAR-1 and I happen to have a few from a purchase at FDIM 2008 so sent those off to him. For use in DDS-30 I believe. I built the AmQRP DDS-60.


Following on from I just finished (2 hours build time) the kit and it runs fine. I used the 18pin ZIFF socket and making up the 40pin adapter.

Going to be interesting.

I might see if I can rework some of the code to use MikroC and MikroBasic instead.

Thursday 10 September 2009


Well more movement on this but no images.
The DDS control is up and running using AD9854 as I have decided to use the R2/T2 type phasing as per KK7B. It means that cw, ssb and am all possible.

As I get closer to a final design been advised to keep PIC/AVR source to myself though.

b2set fun and games

Well last week or so been chasing bits for a b2set build and finishing off a paraset build.

I blame Coln G3VTT and Hans G0uPL for this valve madness.

This morning started on the mock up of the B2set Tx and Rx, I am using PCB for now. The photo above is sitting on a life size colour image of an original set to get the layouts correct.

As I intend operating mine I will take a few liberties with some components to make it possible to manage to have mine operational, so the original capacitors (condensors) and resistors will be chnaged for modern versions. Wires will not be cotton covered, although I have that and will be PVC coated.
One of the hard to find components for the build are the little IFT, you need 4 for the Rx.
Ian G3ROO sent me a pair shown here, on a copy of an original B2set (Type 3 MkII) manual.

The valves are originals 7R7, 7Q&, EL32 and 6L6 from Crowthorne Valves and again the Loctal vlve bases were hard to find.
I will be using Jackson air trimmers instead of the Orange trimmers you'll see in originals (unless find some)