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Thursday 16 October 2008

GQRP-Rishworth 2008

I am one of those giving a talk this year.

The agenda email from Graham....


Here is a list of the speakers and their subjects at Rishworth this coming Saturday:

11.00 : Software Defined Radio For Home Construction

Alan M0PUB and Jan G0BBL will present recent developments from the popular Softrock kits to the new QRP2008 transceiver Project. They will also cover the trend towards "Direct to All Digital".

13.00 : "Alpine style" DXpeditions VE3-7/, HB9/, HB0/ and 3B8/Dominic Baines, M1KTA

M1KTA in Alps 2003

"Alpine Style" is a reference to mountaineering, back in early 20th Century the big mountains of the world were conquered by huge expeditions over many months with huge teams. Climbers now carry everything they needed"Alpine Style" and move self contained using whatever they had with them or found.

14.00 : Antenna for Limited SpacesColin Turner, G3VTT

Colin writes the popular SPRAT feature AAA (Antennas, Awards, and Anecdotes)and offers practical ideas for the operator who has to cope with limitedspace for antennas.

15.00 : Life is Too Short for QRO

George Dobbs, G3RJVA little QRP philosophy and a few practical ideas. George is standing infor Rob Mannion of PW, who sadly cannot join us but sends everyone hisgreetings.

16.00: Open Technical Forum with David Stockton, GM4ZNX

A regular at the convention, David applies his flexible technical mind tosubjects suggested by your questions. You ask the questions and David provides his explanations. David enjoys active questioning from the audience, at all levels, so do not be afraid to ask him to pitch his explanations to your level.
See you all there?