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Monday, 14 July 2014

Wells-Next-the-Sea Beach

Last weekend 5th/6th July went up to Wells-Next-the-Sea and operated from the beach.

 One day I will actually rent one of these. During the floods in December the storm surge was ABOVE the roof level for about 3 hours. High water mark is usually about where the date time tag is on the photo.

 Walk on the beach first!
 Arty short
 It's summer in the UK... it rains

 Soggy wet, trousers still stuck to the legs... putting up the antenna... high water is about 25feet to my left and it is shallow sand. Dig down a bit and there is salty water.
 Post operating walking on the busy beach.

Notable SSB contacts were Rolf OH6TS, G0RUD/M who was driving down the south coast at the time, Bern OZ/DF9GU who was qrp as well.


VE9KK said...

Some very descriptive shots of the outing and I could see how the weather was cool. Looks like you had a very nice time.

M1KTA said...

tnx Mike.

No real DX worked this time as wrong time of day really.