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Monday 15 July 2013

Component Tester

Postie just delivered this... from china.

Nice and cheap cost was £18... ok you can get much of what it will test on slightly advanced DVM but this seems like a nice easy tool for the travel kit.

It is powered from a PP3, power it on and it measures and displays the input voltage... I think I'll fit it into a box with a transformer/rectifier and LM7809 regulator.

It measured (quick test) C from 33pF up to 20,000uF (large can!), R 0.1 up to 15M seems reasonably accurate.

It couldn't tell a diode from a zener but did tell it was a diode.
pnp, npn and mosfet transistors all fine.

The main reason I thought would be useful is it has an ESR feature so for electrolytics it showed the ESR resistance too. Yes I have a couple of analogue ESR meters as well (see this blog for details).

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