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Friday 26 July 2013

QRV in SM Land

Up and running... antennas for 10/15/20/40 and 80 all up and running...

RSGB IOTA is tomorrow from 12:00 UTC (13:00 UK, 14:00 Local).

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showing spots for DX call: *M1KTA* 
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HA6PX SM7/M1KTA/P7029.6CW CQ13 dB21 wpm1853z 26 Jul
RZ3DVP SM7/M1KTA/P7029.5CW CQ10 dB21 wpm1853z 26 Jul
DR1A SM7/M1KTA/P7029.5CW CQ22 dB21 wpm1853z 26 Jul
DL1EMY SM7/M1KTA/P7029.5CW CQ20 dB21 wpm1853z 26 Jul
OH6BG SM7/M1KTA/P7029.5CW CQ15 dB20 wpm1853z 26 Jul
DK9IP SM7/M1KTA/P7029.5CW CQ15 dB21 wpm1853z 26 Jul
DL8LAS SM7/M1KTA/P7029.5CW CQ18 dB21 wpm1853z 26 Jul
HB9DCO SM7/M1KTA/P7029.5CW CQ19 dB21 wpm1853z 26 Jul
HB9DCO SM7/M1KTA7030.0CW CQ10 dB12 wpm1744z 26 Jul
HA6PX SM7/M1KTA/P7030.1CW CQ8 dB21 wpm1743z 26 Jul
DF7GB SM7/M1KTA/P7030.1CW CQ17 dB21 wpm1743z 26 Jul
DQ8Z SM7/M1KTA/P7030.0CW CQ18 dB21 wpm1743z 26 Jul
GW8IZR SM7/M1KTA/P7030.0CW CQ11 dB21 wpm1743z 26 Jul
DL1EMY SM7/M1KTA/P7030.0CW CQ26 dB21 wpm1743z 26 Jul

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