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Wednesday 3 July 2013

Activate Långören Island EU-138 3rd July

Will activate Långören Island for a few hours from about 11:00 local time (9:00 UTC) until 13:15 local time (11:15 UTC). QRV around 14.260 or 21.260 Please LISTEN for instructions as I will go qrt very fast as I will need to catch the ferry!

Ferry Torhamn to Langoren at 10:40 local (08:40 UTC) returning at 13:35 (11:35 UTC).

For those with beams.... locator JO76vb

Please see qrz for QSL info.... I will send all qsl when back in UK.

Couple hundred qso.... I also operated from the quay BEFORE going to EU138.

The station sitting on rock!

was a metal pole so I tied the antenna pole to it.

More spots:

SP6EFY         14260.1 SM7/M1KTA/P  EU-138                             1110 03 Jul   Sweden
UA1AKJ         14260.0 SM7/M1KTA/P  EU138   sri call                   1055 03 Jul   Sweden
SQ9QT-@        14260.0 SM7/M1KTA/P  Dominic  EU-138                    1027 03 Jul   Sweden
DJ4EL          14260.0 SM7/M1KTA/P  EU-138, Langoren Isl.              1024 03 Jul   Sweden
IZ3NVM         14260.0 SM7/M1KTA/P  59 VENICE BYE                      1002 03 Jul   Sweden
ON5JY          14260.0 SM7/M1KTA/P  EU138                              0944 03 Jul   Sweden
DG1SGW         14284.5 SM7/M1KTA/P  corr call sorry                    0758 03 Jul   Sweden
GM7TUD-@       14260.0 SM7/M1KTA/P  EU-138                             0728 03 Jul   Sweden

On the ferry on the way back.

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