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Tuesday 30 July 2013

Quick visit to SM7EQL on way out of SM land

Quick stop over to visit a great DXer and vintage radio shack of SM7EQL.

Bengt is a GQRP member (just rejoined) and his shack is 100% filament no transistors (well maybe a couple in places). Wonderful WS-19 sets and more working vintage radios than most might see in a lifetime. I loved the working WS-19 sets with RUSSIAN lettering on them that were in use by the Russians when UK and Russia were allies in WWII.

Collection of photos starting with me at his operating position:

 My card is proped up on the cw key.

Behind me are a RX and TX of the sort that they USED to go on DX trips with.

Those WS-19 sets have Russian lettering on them!

The HRO used to be Finnish and the Swedish secret service. You can tell (apart from being told) by the red dot on the front panel top right.

 Old ships TX in the corner.

Spark TX ... it works as well.

Local club use this as a meeting room from time to time.... so much history and inspiration.

The necessary Vintage QSL wall.

 Homebrew 2m setup with homebrew transverter and a modifiued Command set (80m I think) that drives it.

Wow now that is what I'd call a transmission line from a TX :-)

These are not all static display radios they all work!

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