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Tuesday 30 July 2013

How did you get to EU-138, can you confirm it?

Asked ... how did I get to EU-138 from UK... can I prove it?

Bit of an odd one but here goes...

XYL dropped me off at Stanstead near home and I flew to Copenhagen via Easyjet EZY3091.

Note the two bags checked in.

I took a train from Copehagen to Karlskrona...

Johnny SM7UCZ then picked me up and took me to the ferry at Torhamn where I crossed to the Island.

Sat and had a coffee in the cafe before hand, after contest.. returned to Torhamn, then Jamjo to Copenhagen (lift with SM7UCZ) where I stopped off at SM7EQL on the way and Easyjet flight EZY3096 back to Stansted.

Note no bags to check... SM7UCZ brought them to UK and gave them back to me about an hour ago.

Pretty sure there is a stamp in the passport on the way home.

I have been asked to confirm travel to C5, AF-45 in 6W and KH8 before but never an island in EU ho hum!

No this was not RSGB guys but the comment was made that I could have installed a remote station there as I was there a month before and not travelled :-)

You could contact Ulf the owner of the lighthouse cottage on the island if I really was there...

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