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Saturday 25 August 2012

Thanks for emails showing concern

Thanks everyone for implied concern. Probably have a bit of solo dxpedition lethargy after running lots of hour long cq cq cq sessions until that first qso then ungodly pile up for an hour as have been spotted. So listening to the bands more than in 6W, large swl report list, especially VK's and pacific stations.

I brought FT897 which can do 100W but I have left that in case and sticking at it with the KX3 and qrp as it is a mission now to complete whole trip qrp. I have worked out CW split with KX3, dual watch and ran first ever cw pile up (scarey) into NA last night running split up 2... worked but I had to cheat and use cw get as the practice of one time call response meant lots of pse agn and qrz,  tuning stations in was not easy. Some UK stations in log last night MD0CCE but I know he has a huge setup, had plenty UK stations SSB so no idea why no others as I thought cw would make it easier ho hum. I am at 12wpm from pc no hand key as broke the palm paddle connector so sending correctly.

RTTY with KX3 now too but not gone on air with it yet.

RX conditions for me are much poorer that 6W, put that down to the G5RV (as inverted V) which is running due north south which probably does not help for UK.

Two annoyances:
PA getting too hot sometimes as ambient temp doesnot help so radio folding back to 3W sometimes.
Why oh why 2.5mm socket on the SDR I/Q if only I had an adapter!



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