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Tuesday 14 August 2012

6W and C5

I will be QRV from:

Senegal as M1KTA/6W from 15th August (arrive at 10pm) to 22nd August
The Gambia as C5/M1KTA from 22nd August (leave 6W 2pm) to 29th August

Equipment will be:

FT897 and a KX3 so 0.1W to 100W capable but will try and keep it all QRP.

6W antennas are those of a big contest station, 6V7Z if you know it.
C5 I am carrying a Buddipole, YP3 and a G5RV

I will have one of Hans/Steve G0UPL/G0XAR QRSS beacons with me and another from
Jason NT7S so I should have a WSPR beacon up and running will be interested in

I will hope to be qrv most bands but will focus on 10/15/20 during local daytime
40 at night.

Modes will be SSB/PSK(MixW)/CW(K1EL WinKey)/RTTY(MixW) in that order, no QSO
skeds... and some JT65 (will be trying 2m EME on moonrise).

I hope to activate IOTA's AF-045 (6W) and AF-060 (C5) one day each only and SSB
QRP only.

I'll post details of activities daily on this blog where I
will also post a link to an online log. I will use LoTW and upload daily (when
the certs arrive!).

When I get home I am sure I will need to send a few qsl cards but only to those
stations that request a card, direct or through the buro.

Hope to see you on the bands.



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