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Monday 20 August 2012

6W/M1KTA Update

I have not been able to get onto AF045 today as planned as as  there is a festival for end of Ramadan (Saturday) but I will be on it tomorrow 21st from about 10:00 UTC, 5 hour round trip to the ferry not fun in 90% humidity and the roads out here are pretty crap really, full of pot holes and lots of water when it rains and the drivers are kamakazi's sometimes with no lights and big cement lorries take no prisoners hihi. Taxi had a crack in screen I asked why ... "oh I hit someone (a pedestrian) last night and he bounced off the windscreen"... so no walking on roads at night  :-)

Will be limited tomorrow as no yagi just a GP antenna and buddipole.
Had pile ups most bands whenever been on them (video and audio recorded on most, band width too low to upload will do when home) and I am qrp but nothing on 160m or 80m I have S9+ static and even when I can hear anyone they are deaf to me hihi no change when qrp in UK on 80m or 160m :-).

Getting through all the bands and modes, rtty last night and psk this morning.

Those with 30m and ARGO please have a look for QRSS3 beacon 6w/m1kta/ik14ll as it is up and running. I will take same setup to C5 from 22nd.

On 10m, 15m or 20m all have been open to UK at various times of the day and worked M3 and M6's with 10w both end so qrp is definitely possible.

I have 6m, 12m and 17m but only one 17m contact (one of the 2012L stations) and I arranged that on air with a station on 20m.

2m eme didn't work so abandoning the antenna and coax here.

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