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Friday 10 August 2012

FT897 DATA interface and PTT

Gavin (M1BXF) and I were playing with JT65 last night and my FT897 has a really nice data interface but no easy way to PTT using JT65 data mode....

So bodge time, took the xggcomms audio side of the Yaesu FT-Cable-1-Kit-USB 

Gavin added a simple PTT to pin 3 on the data interface by splicing in a cable to the data plug on the above interface.

The interface 'could' have used a USB interface but we didn't have one to hand so used a normal 9 pin come port and the RTS line and a usb/serial interface.

On a 9 pin com port he added just the top part of this.

Now the FT897 will ptt with JT65.

It is one annoyance with the radio that the data port will not vox ptt on tx audio.

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