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Sunday 26 August 2012

qrt overnight due to thunderstorms and power cut

QRV on 20m again 08:00 UTC


david said...

Coincidently, I was researching applying for a licence in The Gambia and found this!
will listen for you tomorrow : )

73, David

M1KTA said...

qrv on 20m 14.048 up 2 qrs :-)

M1KTA said...


Could not hear you was a bit of a pile up and I was seriously buried under it. hihi

Off to the beach to try some /P operating on 20m and 15m SSB for couple hours.

I'll update details of where and how to get the C5 and 6W licences when I get home. All the old details are WRONG for C5 for new licences. If you have an old licence I think you can still renew by paying GRA but really not sure.