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Sunday 19 August 2012

6w/m1kta qrss on 30m

NT7S open beacon is up on 6w/m1kta on 30m 10.100 sending 6w m1kta qrss 3

I will welcome reports please save any captures and save for my return after 29th.

Beacon on a car battery and will remain running until I leave on 22nd.

From here:

--- In, Stephen Farthing wrote:
> Guys,
> Dom is active on 30 meters QRSS3 using a G0UPL Ultimate beacon from 6w
> land. Please keep an eye out for him.
> 73s Steve

Thanks Steve.

I have taken a break from the pileups and worked on the
was off frequency and out of band it is now corrected.
10.140MHz and a little high. On RX dial 10.1400000 Argo says I am on 1100
I have offset a little higher than the EU beacons. QRSS3 sendng 6w/m1kta/ik14ll

I would be very happy to rx reports and if you can save any captures
that would be brilliant.
Or email them to me here as I have internet here in 6W.



These were taken every 30 seconds...

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