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Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Raspberry Pi and Octoprint

Just put the systems together... so will cnc own pcb and make cases and parts too.

Two Raspberry Pi 3 B+, 16GB SD, Pi Cameras, Wifi Cards for octoprint and octolapse.

Will print up cases and these will be one for the Creality Ender 3 and one for the K8200 the second will be in the shack.

I may add another Raspberry Pi 2 B+, 16GB SD but without a camera for the CNC2418 currently in the box if looks like can do that. I will print a 7" LCD mount for a 7" TFT I have for it.

The RAMPS 1.4 boards and bits are all here as is the Arduino CNC shield so I'll update them as well. The K8200 will be seeing some stepper motor updates as well as will add a 3D Touch (BL Touch clone), I have a 3ED V6 hot end clone, although it is for 1.75mm, I can try that until the 3mm one arrives. Got the setup can use direct or bowden feed, might try bowden with a sort of Robin 3D or a GT2 belt double sided extruder.
The ring LED illuminator I got a while back will be added, might have to still get a glass bed for the K8200.
The K8200 electrical contacts for the extruder and hot end there is an STL I need to print that will house a series of connector blocks instead of those nasty solder/heatsink bodges, as well as a few other options.

The Ender 3 will add the PetFang ducts and BL Touch. And a draw that fits to the left of the current controller. Might have to redo/reprint the filament feed that fits to the top as the plug had been damaged.
I have a 5V power supply and LED which were for the CNC but might emply them on the ender3 in the meantime.

Filament sensors will also get added using the end stops that came with the last RAMPS setup. Marlin Firmware will be recoded and configured for the RAMPS1.4I expect will push the buffers up a bit.

The insulated enclosure for ABS etc, I'll add to the K8200 but not sure will need it now as it will only print PLA, so will probably just use it as a cabinet for it.

Not that I expect fire problems but if going to run the printers remote. I will add/mount a MINI AFO Auto Fire Extinguisher Ball
above the printers, got the first one from Amazon the other day. £25 not exactly much to protect against fire. Already have a few dry powder extinguishers in the workshop and shack.

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