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Thursday 23 August 2018

Buddipole guy rig

Used my buddipole all over the place and one thing that is a major pain is if it is windy or is tugged over (later happens far too often) it can be a pain. I ofgten just attach the carry bag to the bottom of the tripole and fill it with sand/stones.

Anyway whilst looking for something else I found this: and thought THAT is exactly what I need.

He used BB gun pellets to allow the rotation which are 6mm diameter, pretty sure I have some steel ball bearings with the same diameter and as I cycle I have lots of lithium grease.

And it is of course in the correct colour for qrp.

My own print photos etc will go here:

The 6mm metal ball bearings have cleaned up nicely.
Now to look at that lithium grease.

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