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Friday, 10 August 2018

RSGB IOTA 2018 M1K EU011

Random collection of photos from camera

The bag pontoon, they pass the bags from SFerry, Scillonian III onto the other island boats, they all help so it goes pretty quick. The boats from ferry to right are for St Agnes (where I ended up), Bryher and St Martin's.

Base of the 30m and 40m vertical. The connections are to the little black potting box tie wrapped to the pole. The ground was rock hard so the screw at this point only went in a few inches.

So here is the fix... take the pole down (carefully), hand up screw the support in the ground, fill the hole with boiling water, wait 5 mins repeat, then put the screw back in, by hand , fit it with water (not boiling now), I used the wooden spoon handles and screwed the pole right in then as the ground is softer, put the pole back up.

You will need to guy it if it is windy, I had wind for just one direction so somewhat lazily added just a single guy to a cow sorter that was in same field.

The bench with ATS-3B and on 30m

The 80m vertical looks pretty good (is and QRPGuys 60m/80m vertical). I added 6 radials and used a short coiled length of 75ohm coax at the feed as a transmission line.

On 30m and as you can see NO internet.

Got the essential supplies. You can just see the WSPRlite and the fan I'll use later. All the necessary QRP colour of course.

And the power supply proved a handy place for the FANTA

Bloody rabbits liked the feeder so had to raise it.

Bye bye EU011

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