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Friday, 10 August 2018

Steppers on the K8200

For reference.

Will change these (one is burnt out anyway) for socket versions and change the wiring harness too. It might be worth investigating reducing to stepers with 0.9 degree rotation per step, 400 per revolution but that all depends on costs. I intend adding a second Z screw as well. These are also listed here 42BYGHW811
47.0 N·cm 3.1 V Ø 5 mm 1.8° 48 mm 2.5A 1.8 mH
about half way on the list

The current board is OK if a little old. Wouldn't support the second Z axis stepper anyway so has to be replaced. No idea why I never added heatsinks to the stepper motor driver boards.

I discovered I also had a new low profile NEMA 17 stepper, a clone (I think) Titan Aero and a clone all metal E3D V6 hot end (both for 3mm) but I like the idea of remote mounting the extruder to reduce the arm weight. Maybe will not have to if add a second one?

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