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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Softrock Si570 AVR/ USB firmware

As building the V6.3 and MOBO V4.3 and built 4 versions of the V9.0 already and gone through a few different firmware revisions I thought should mention an up to date reference (as of today anyway).

The original eons ago firmware, as far as software development life cycles are concerned anyway, that the V9.0 and V6.3 kits used to ship with works, with bugs but it is so old and out of sync with the up to date software developments going on you really do need to update the firmware on the AVR chips.

Wander over to and peruse the documents on that page. It will explain everything.

The firmware you need can be obtained here:

He has made the source available here:

I am not saying what you have as supplied by W&S or Tony Parks will not work just you should take on-board what G8VOI and PE0FKO say on the matter.


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Just to clarify one thing, Tony KB9YIG has been Fred PE0FKO's AVR firmware with the SoftRock v9.0 kits since May 2009, and with the USB to I2C interface for the SoftRock v6.3 TX/RX since August 2009. This is now the accepted 'standard' for both kits.

73, Bob G8VOI

Dominic Baines said...


First of all thanks for your docs. I put the post up as I had also built a V9.0 Softrock that was using earlier V1.4 firmware and then V2.0 from Jan G0BBL and I also had one of his earlier Si570 usb synthesisers and I noted a few things too and a bit of head scratching went on, as I am sure a few others might have also experienced until I updated the firmware. The ATtiny85 change is also of significant note and you explained this perfectly.

72, Dom M1KTA