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Thursday, 12 November 2009

The blog listed in RadCom December 2009!

Just advised of this so found the copy of RadCom December 2009 that I had not even opened yet, along with QST, PW and a few other electronic magazines. It seems G3RJV, Rev George Dobbs wrote about the blog advising readers to come a take a look which was a nice surprise.

One note though....The HCQRPC, Home counties QRP Club, the founders are:

Hedgehog #1 Paul G0WAT and Hedgehog #2 Nicolas M1HOG

I'm Hedgehog #8 Dom M1KTA was lucky enough to be asked to give a talk at the first HOGCON, where I spoke about a trip to 3B8 I did in March 2008, the RadCom photo of me looking like I am demonstrating using a hammer to Hans G0UPL, was from that first meeting where Hans also talked, (if you hit a project like this it is bound to work) I think was the quote from HOGCON.

If you read the blog and want to ask a question or post a comment please do.

The blog contains a lot of different topics and may seem to bounce around, I used to try to update a project blog post directly rather than add new posts so it might not seem like much has changed sometimes.

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