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Thursday, 12 November 2009


As those that follow GQRP list/yahoo group might have noted a few weeks ago I asked if anyone else was building the MOBO SDR setup.

Apologies maybe a bit cryptic but definitely QRP......... please is any
other member building one the MOBO V4.3 Beta ? If so please can you
contact me off list.

For those who will ask questions what this is about read these...

...not for those who don't like SMT.

Anyway Tony has just sent me all the Softrock parts required and Art, KY1K and Alex, 9V1AL have agreed to send me a set of PCB and components so I'll be building a MOBO beta V 4.3 shortly. The project will eventually be adding 24 bit 192KHz sound via USB not a sound card and the idea will be to also work with Simon HB9DRV and his new SDR software to create a frequency agile all band HF transceiver, using only a USB connection so plug and play that can be homebrewed in a modular manner.

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