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Thursday, 12 November 2009

HF TestSet

Browsing on the train whilst coming back from seeing the guys at Comic Relief I came across the HF test set from the 4 states QRP group. This isn't actally new but they are rekitting it
I dropped Wayne an email and had an exchange about it and one of his older projects (minibootsII that I lent to Michael MI5MTC at GQRP rally). I already checked and I have everything in the junk box/shack shelves so I am going to build an M1KTA version. Probably manhatten style as I realise it's nice to have some ugly in the shack too.

This will add a

Frequency Counter
Crystal Oscillator
Wideband Noise Generator
Audio Oscillator
50 Ohm Dummy Load
RF Probe
Time Domain Reflectometer
to the M1KTA homebrew bench.

For no particular reason except I enjoy it I build a fair amount and I find bits of test kit are infinitely valuable, I'll update this blog post as I build it.

All proceeds from kit sales are being used to finance OzarkCon QRP Convention so wander over to their site and order one.

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