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Sunday 15 November 2009

GQRP Valve Day II (November 15th)

Still hours to go yet but gone QRT...

Swear I heard Colin G3VTT at one point as I heard the familiar weep weep of his paraset but then lost him in the noise...

Anyway after over hour with no response generally as cq'ed for ages on every frequency now qrt but not a bad mix...

GM3VMB 15:29
OH1O 15:39
DL6KWN 15:42
DJ3KK 15:55
OZ5DX 15:57
DL8JJ 16:28

Freq's 3.51140 (3.7W), 3.50746 (4.2W), 3.52800 (5.6W) 3.57903 (7.3W). Missing 3.560 +/- few KHz means few qrp stations find me.

The DL 'HOT' contest meant there were a lot of qrp stations on the 80m band.

Glass RCA 6V6 valve (1940's vintage valve) TX (as per GQRP rally at Rishworth) with manual change over switch to RX with FT897 (with 20dB attenuation in line when 6V6 TX active).
Antenna 6-BTV vertical. (Not ideal 80m antenna for UK working!)

Videos of the Valve Tx in action tonight:

1 comment:

Steve G0XAR said...

Fine business Dom....If i wasn't planning our wedding I would be building something similar! 73 de Steve G0XAR