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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

MOBO & V6.3 SR and FT243 crystals

OK Art and Alex pulled the stops out and managed to scrounge together a full kit of parts for me. So I'll be building this asap. However, it is a bit like buses you wait to ages and two come along at once and the same with work so that has taken over in the last week so not apparently done much. I will be building as I did in HB9during 2007 and I will have the mobile /P homebrew bench in a airline carry on bag and build in the hotel room in the evening.... This should be interesting. Just spoke to Simon HB9DRV and his new SDR software is not far away from release including support for USB controlled Si570 Softrocks. The MOBO we will both eargerly be waiting to see the usb sound card add on too the current beta kit is without that.

Also one kind soul sent me a pile of 80m crystals after the GQRP valve day and I will add those to the 6V6 TX this w/e and also 'put up something horizontal' so inter G working is possible.

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