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Tuesday 20 August 2013

FT817 ... bringing it back from the dead.

OK looks like the main processor needs lifting from the board and that is a multi pin device.It is the square IC in the picture above. The response was that this mmight not be an economical repair... :-)

So got to find out can I obtain one new or is it a bespoke FPGA thing? Yaesu tech services have said I can get one but might be easier to let them fit it.

I think I will be sitting with it on the bench and the service manual and working out if all the voltages are where they should be. (I suspect this has already been done) If the main voltage went high and regulators were damaged then there is a chance the cpu and PLL do not have the correct voltages appearing, or were damaged.

Doubtful I can do much more harm to it now so I will remove the TXCO, filter, PA and BHI modules and walk through the service manual and the expected voltages.

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