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Friday 16 August 2013

Fahnstock Clips

50 Fahnstock Clips just turned up for old vintage rigs. (and a few modern creations).

The clips hold wires in place and have a pincer action.

If you know what they are then it will be great to hear that you can get new ones.

Paul was great at sending these to me and accepted paypal. Postage is a bit high (USPS not Paul). but these are hard to get. Paul has the original kit that will make these.

SM7UCZ put me onto these.


Jim said...

These use to be on the J-Tron site but are getting harded to find.
If I run across them will let you know.

M1KTA said...

As I mentioned Paul will also sell them as well and he makes them using an old machine that used to be used to make them in the first place.

They are very useful as there is no fiddling with a screw terminal,using a screw driver etc... just feed the wire in and pinch.

I use mine for both HT and AF connections (external speaker).