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Tuesday 6 August 2013

KX3 - IQ SDR + Panadpater AND RTLSDR with HF converter

Got an old (ish) laptop and going to add it to shack QTH and KX3 setup as a generic SDR panadapter. I have a nice USB sound card (48 KHz 24 bit) that has an isolated input adapter (simple 1:1 isolation interface) and the laptop seems to run SDR# on the laptop (Linux Ubuntu) (screen shots to follow).

I also have a USB RTLSDR RX and a HF converter so I am going to set it up along side as a SDR grabber which should run on the same system.

The Linux/Mono run version of SDR# is not that efficient so it is a bit kludgey (aka slow and stutters a bit) so I'll be experimenting with alternative Linux SDR options:


GNU Radio (which I have never got to work as I think it should)

I'll add some front end BPF to the SDR when I am QRV from the shack.

Why do this?

Kanga (UK not US) have asked me to review a couple of their SDR RX kits for 80m so I'll be building those pretty soon and blogging the details. The kits once built will be given away at G-QRP convention (aka Rishworth)

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