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Tuesday 20 August 2013

What does a pile up sound like from the DX end?

As I record most things when I am operating I have some interesting audio files.... I usually only keep them long enough to confirm QSL or for any talks etc but I was asked did i have anything from the 6W trip as I was very loud into parts of EU. Anyway here is a file...


M1KTA said...

Apologies blogspot doesn't seem to like the audio file link or the file size... so I will sort out something else... I saw a few you tube videos of the RX end of the qsos from KH8 and 6W (I would not really call them pile ups) but it is completely different at the DX end I can assure you of that. There are a couple of options but I have usually operated dual watch and split, with wide filters. What that means is SSB or CW I listen to BOTH my TX frequency AND the split, and MY audio RX bandwidth is about 2.8-3kHz so even if the cw signal is only 50Hz wide or a nice fine SSB signal I get all the guff either side of it, that was why I asked for repeats... not the same thing at all when you are chasing the DX. It was interesting for me listening to the CW from 3B8 and KH8 especially when there was auroral flutter on LP signals and I even noticed calls I MISSED when I was there that were so clear really. In 6W for a time I could hear VK and ZL stations at 59+10 off the rear of the beam and LP when in EU I bet you couldn't and the EU signals became the QRM.

In Rishworth 2008 I played a recording of the 20m SSB pile up on 3B8 which was horrid, even now I wonder how I managed to pick some of the calls out of it.

PE4BAS, Bas said...

See my blog. I use to publish soundfiles in blogger. Works fine for me! 73, Bas