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Friday 2 April 2010

Softrock Ensemble TRX Beta Build

I started this here:

Anyway here are some photos: (BTW the boards will look terrible as I have not cleaned them up removing all the flux etc)

The reverse is of the pcb was not silk screened so here I ID the components

First thing build the power supplies.

The 5V one is easy and uses all through hole (top surface) components so I didn't take a photo of it separately. The 3.3V supply from the USB socket is a different matter though as that regulator chip is tiny:

Anyway this is what the board looks like top side with both supplies in place.

And same thing from underneath.

I ran tests on the voltages in and out and believe me that the 5V (I get 4.99V) is fine. The USB one (I get 3.31V)

Adding the LO / sI570
I have had more than a few questions about soldering the Si570. This post I explain how I solder mine in place. Apologies about the 'um err'ing in it.

Once done this is what you get the top right pad is soldered all others not and chip in place and lined up.

The board after the whole LO is built top side


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