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Sunday 4 April 2010

EnsembleTRX PTT switching and RX circuit

OK this caused me a few headaches as one BS170 was duff and so the PTT from the AVR USB was not functioning.

So I replaced the Q10 BS170 and it is now functioning fine. Lesson in there for anyone building one... watch the BS170!

Now to place the RX OP amps (actually just one IC but dual OP amps) already placed the RX mixer FST3253.

That is the RX side complete.

Now to test it.

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M1KTA said...

How did I test the RX:

CFGSR testing first
Checked that the Si570 signals from the hairpin of R13 were as expected 4x actual frequency
Rocky tuning once connected an antenna could see 80m and 40m signals
HB9DRV SDR-Radio 80m and 40m signals
Used a bench test signal generator and tested for the S1 (1uV) and S9 (50uV) RX points at various frequencies...

Tested with Rocky the PTT functionality to connect the RX to ground.

All passed.