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Friday 2 April 2010

Softrock Ensemble TRX Beta Build LO test

Now the LO is built have to test it.

Download and install SDR programs and Dynamic Link Libraries, along with hardware drivers. The actual steps anyone else might follow will vary, depending upon the operating system etc.

PE0FKO (Fred) CFGSR Configure/Control Ensemble microcontroller software
PE0FKO (Fred) SRDLL dll for Softrock controllers
The USB driver(s) for the ATTiny85 AVR/USB

(Apologies Fred should have been PE0FKO not PA0FKO as I wrote before)

If you plug in the Ensemble TRX it will (or should) immediately ask you for the drivers to be installed.

Once they are installed the system management console should have an entry for the libusb device like this.

Once the drivers are installed you can test the hardware

PE0FKO software will configure the Softrock USB/AVR/Si570 interface

The current SDR-Radio build I test the connectivity and it will select the USB/Si570 and connect to it and run it.

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