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Monday 5 April 2010

Loch Erne (Enniskillen) Rally 11th April

Just getting the display of kits ready.

Cannot bring the whole shack so in the box will be (everything I have soldered from kits):

The web links are current and provide info on them, some not from vendor.

HB-1A / Direct from BD4RG
PFR-3 /
MKARS80 & CW Adapter /G6ALU
Softrock -40 (yes the one that started the SDR craze off) / AmQRP & KB9YIG
FCC-1 & FCC-2 Frequency Counter and DDS / Norcal
A simple keyer / ??
Tenna Dipper / KD1JV
SLT Tuner / the new version
BLT Tuner / G3RJV but look here
FUCHS Antenna (OK so this one I built off schematic!) /
Softrock V6.2 Lite 20m /KB9YIG
FDIM2008 11W PA Buildathon - FDIM 2008 Proceedings.
10W PA / W8DIZ
Digital Dial / & KD1JV

For the SDR display will have:

Softrock V9.0 With electronic BPF
Softrock Ensemble RXTX

I might have a V6.2 & V6.3 RXTX.

I will have a few KB9YIG unmade kits for sale with me if interested.

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