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Tuesday 9 March 2010

Stopped the sale of shack projects

I have decided to stop selling off project builds now and I am keeping hold of everything until a rally when I can sell them in person as I have had a complete nightmare after selling one of the projects over the internet to someone I believed was capable of finishing it and has demanded I rebuild and re-align it after they hacked about with it themselves to the point where it no longer functions, they melted the pcb connectors and filed away part of the pcb and at least one track in the process to attempt to squeeze it into a box that was too small and demanded a paypal refund.

I do not have the money or the time to repair and realign projects I had already built so for now I am never again selling a 'built' project over the internet it is too risky for me.


Unknown said...

I am sorry to read of the problems you have had, Dom. When I think of the number of times I have bought stuff at rallies or from RadCom adverts that didn't work and showed signs of some amazingly clumsy "modifications". Either I managed to fix it myself or I wrote it off to experience. How anyone has the brass neck to try to make you liable for his own incompetence simply defies belief.

I think you should publish the callsign of this so called amateur as a warning to other sellers. I would.

M1KTA said...

Julian, I am tempted believe me but I am sure would just cause me more problems and not worth the agro all for £50 worth of kit.

I will say not from UK or US :-)

Anonymous said...


Just read this post (after seeing Julian refer to it). Bit of a shocker really. Most amateurs are pleasant and realistic but there are always a few rotten eggs. A pity that you discovered one. You should publish his/her callsign to warn others perhaps!


Richard G3CWI