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Saturday 20 March 2010

OK so you have a Laptop or PC, Softrock SDR and Antenna what next...

OK so I have a Laptop or PC, Softrock SDR hardware and an antenna what next...???

This post is a place holder for me really.

The latest series of SDR Softrocks use Si570 USB control and I've been asked to document exactly what is required for someone starting off from a new laptop or PC and they have either built their own Softrock (V6.3 TRX or V9.0 RX) or got someone else to build it for them (I do build these for others in nice die cast boxes) but puzzled what they have to do next.

Also the non Si570/USB fixed frequency SDR Softrocks there are loads of those out there and I will document these too.

I'll blog the steps here (they will probably also appear else where too).

This will not involve any radio theory and will not be details about what to solder what where as there is loads of that advise already out there, it will just be about how to get the SDR software working with the hardware.

Come back in a couple days and I will have an initial draft.

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