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Friday 12 March 2010

Sterba Curtain - continued...

Rats... was looking good then one of the end supports just failed terminally when I tried to tension and now it tops out at only 20ft AGL. I don't think bottom at 3 feet AGL will work!

Raining so off indoors for tea and and rethink. Maybe could use three 10m fishing poles to support the antenna between the phasing lines? Obviously too much weight to hope two will support the lot as they are too bendy. This is after all only temporary.

Maybe a price of £159 for the 4 TV poles and guys wasn't too bad after all!

One email has suggested....

Another cheapo way to make masts is to use white plastic waste pipe with ex 2"x2" timber inside them. You will have to plane the edges to slide the wood in but this way you can create a fit-together sectional mast. It will need guying though. that might be part of a 'cunning plan' as Baldric would have said.

I could have died as just got the curtain up when the far support
just bent over. Made from sections of Ali pole riveted together and
split and bent in the middle of one section where no join existed!
Wasn't slow motion but felt like I was watching a disaster unfold but
fortunately missed the green house! Important bit is the antenna and
feeder are fine.

2009 BERU I made ZERO contacts on 15m and 10m and this year intend to
make at least one on both bands ! Although coming last 2008 doesn't bother
me I get ribbed about it a bit so about time I did better!

Admitting defeat with the Sterba Curtain as I cannot get the supports high enough and wet right through now. I need the bottom wires to be min 16 feet AGL which means top at 35ft+ and just cannot manage more than 25ft. I just don't have the supports that will 'launch it higher'. Should have bought the TV poles and built a one off pair of 40ft supports so back to low dipoles on 15m and 10m this w/e but means in the restricted not the open category.... still think as much chance of a QRP qso as the sun being full of sunspots.

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